IN A WORLD infested by large, deadly, soulless, green monsters called GHOULS, humanity is kept safe by the heroic efforts of the fearless and intrepid GHOUL HUNTERS!

THE GAMES OF GHOULASH present two ways to hunt and destroy these dangerous creatures: GHOULASH: THE GAME OF PEN & PAPER PERIL is a two-player game played on specially designed charts. GHOULASH: THE GAME OF CARD CALAMITY is a fast-paced card game for 2-4 players.

Two exciting ways to play!

Develop your ghoul-hunting skills with our two thrilling GHOULASH games.

GHOULASH: The Game of Card Calamity

Track the GHOULS through an obstacle-filled building and destroy them before they can find more innocent victims! Wield your Battle Cards wisely and be the first to gather 10 Victory Points and win the game!

GHOULASH: The Game of Pen & Paper Peril

Destroy the GHOULS in this two-player strategy adventure game played entirely on paper. Each player is the other’s game master, hiding items, obstacles and GHOULS on specially designed grids. Can you destroy all of the GHOULS before your opponent, or will you wall to the monsters’ terrible onslaught?